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Dance Instruction


Below are our TERMS & CONDITIONS, which includes pricing. 

For more information, write to us at:

For a list of workshops and classes that we will be teaching in various cities in the near future , please click on the Registration tab above.

Ryan Martin & Keira Hansen

Dance Instruction or Performance Terms & Conditions

Our rates (all in US Dollars) for teaching dance outside of Dallas or Austin are as follows:

Dance Classes:

$150 /hr. per instructor

(i.e., $300 /hr. for both of us)

Private Lessons: 

$75 /hr  (one student)


At a given dance event, if we are hired to teach at least six hours of dance classes, we are happy to do any of the following, free of charge:

    •    Provide a lecture (or be a part of a talk or panel) on Collegiate Shag
    •    Dance in an instructor's jam
(i.e., improvised dancing for a few phrases)
    •    Judge dance competitions
    •    Help conduct level-testing auditions (for Collegiate Shag only)


Lectures, Judging, Level-Testing Auditions (Collegiate Shag only):

$25 /hr. per instructor, per lecture/contest/audition


The following additional requirements are included for any teaching/performing gig outside of Dallas or Austin, Texas, USA:



We ask that:

    •    We are either paid in U.S. dollars or the conversion rate is covered
    •    We are paid some time before or on the last day that we give instruction (not after the last day)



All travel expenses must be paid for by those who are hiring us.  If we are hired within the state of Texas, or in one of the bordering states, we only require reimbursement for the cost of gasoline to and from Dallas, Texas.

If we are hired to teach outside of Texas (or one of it's bordering states) or in a country outside the US, the following must be covered by our host:

    •    The cost of our flights to and from Dallas, TX via either DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field
    •    Any fees required as part of the process of obtaining work visas (outside of the U.S.)
    •    Ground transportation to/from the airport in the destination city
    •    Transportation from where we will be hosted to the venue where we will be teaching, as necessary

You are welcome to book flights for us or reimburse us for flights that we choose (we are particularly adept at finding affordable flights).  We will fly on most any airline, but please consult with us regarding this as there are certain airlines we would prefer not to fly.


    •    All meals during the trip must be provided or paid for
    •    Ryan has no special dietary restrictions
    •    Keira is vegetarian (no meat, but eggs and dairy are fine)


We do not require a hotel room, but wherever we are hosted, we each ask the following:

    •    A bed with pillows and sheets/blankets (i.e., separate beds for the two of us)
    •    A room with a door that closes
    •    Access to a functional bathroom

We are flexible with sleeping arrangements; if the above is not available, please let us know.

Neither of us are allergic to cats or dogs.



We request that we be provided Internet connectivity while in the home/room where we will be staying, as this is a necessary part of our livelihood.  

We are open to pricing negotiations, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  


Thank you, and we really look forward to working with you!

Ryan Martin & Keira Hansen

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